October 11, 2011

Warrior Submissive

In an attempt to loosely define what I want my D/s to look like with Kare, I've taken the last few months to intellectually explore female Dominant/male submissive relationships. (Kare is roughly pronounced Kah-reh. It is Japanese for boyfriend. I thought it a fitting nickname for him in my journal since he is half Japanese.)

On FetLife, I came across a lovely entry by Ladyservant titled Warrior Submissive. It is a perspective on male submission that has left an impression on me and is certain to influence my future D/s relationship.

Here it is, reposted with permission:

I've given a lot of though lately to what submission means to me, I actually don't like the word at all because at least for me it carries implied meanings which don't fit. However I haven't been able to come up with another word that works for communicating my intentions accurately. I've fought my submissiveness all my life not wanting to give into it for fear of losing my power. The idea of being disempowered and weak disgusts me. I've been a warrior most of my life which has included spending time in the military as a soldier, practicing martial arts and living a warrior based spirituality. That has always seemed to be in conflict with my deep reverence and irresistible desire to worship, serve and surrender to Women.

I began to resolve this conflict in the last few years cultivating a personal relationship with the Goddess or the Divine Feminine and seeing what I worship in Women is also something within me. However Women embody it in a way that I cannot (at least not in this life) and so serving and worshiping them is something that is beyond kinky play or pleasure (which is good ;), its true worship for me. The other thing I realized in this process is that I do not have to be weak or disempowered to be a submissive. Submissive is just a word, it doesn't have one single meaning for everyone.

For me the act of submitting to a Woman is as I said an act of worship. The prerequisite for submission in my life is that I live my life fearlessly, with courage and strength and even a fierceness. Its easy to get carried away with this attitude and have it be nothing but ego which wrecks ones life, just look at our society. The amazing thing is that when I come into contact with Women that are living as empowered dominant Goddesses, I am humbled. Their power and beauty and wisdom naturally make me fall to my knees in worship. Then serving them is a total act of joy. There is a particular power that Women carry which after everything I've seen and experienced in my life is the greatest power I can imagine. So submission is an act of empowerment and courage for me because when one is at their greatest strength the most fearless act just might be to surrender to a greater power. Women carry the power of life itself, the formless cradle of creation which has been called the Goddess among other things.

For me their is no greater act of a warrior than to serve the Goddess.

While I don't believe in Female Supremacy (or any type of supremacy based on gender, ethnicity, nationality, etc) as this article somewhat suggests, what I do like about it is the insight  into male submission. Many people - both outside and inside the kink community - tend to view male submissives as less than masculine. They are often portrayed as weak and insecure at best or incapable and pathetic at worst. It disgusts me that a man who would choose to submit is often assumed to be less of a man than his "alpha" counterparts.

This article dislodges those stigmas. This male submissive is a gentleman, a soldier, a protector and a provider. He is proud and functioning and capable. He is empowered through his submission and not ashamed to express the awe and respect he has for the deserving women around him.

I dig it.

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  1. What a fantastic article and take on Male submission, I love it!