December 6, 2011

99 Problems

The best thing about surrounding yourself with people who are super neat is that they often have friends who are super neat as well.

Kare's friend from college, Leib, and his girlfriend, Badu, came to visit over Thanksgiving weekend from California. We shared so many personality traits among the four of us that it was like looking into a mirror. They have an open relationship (though, I'm not entirely clear on the terms) and they propositioned me and Kare. While I am very interested in pursuing a FWB situation with them, neither Kare nor I accepted their offer... for now.

A couple of months ago, when I decided to start dating again, I sparked up a conversation on a dating site with Sam. While my relationship with her has been entirely platonic (though, very productive! We have been organizing a sorely needed poly meetup for our area), I think she's pretty awesome. She's witty, intellectual and nerdy (my trifecta!). She's a very opinionated, activist type and I find her absolutely fascinating. Her parents were true hippies and she describes her childhood as a cross of co-op living and utilitarian survival training. She can literally fashion a bow (for an arrow) out of a seat belt and start a fire with a car battery, come the Zombie Apocalypse. Yeah, she's super neat.

Then there's Spud. He's new to the local kink community and he and I clicked right away. He's kind of quiet and shy and socially awkward - an artistic type - and I dig all of these things about him. Ever since he found out that I am poly, he's been paying little compliments and chatting me up. It's too soon to tell if he's flirting or not but I am absolutely tickled by his attention.

I expected to wait months - maybe even years! - to meet others I'd be interested in dating and vice versa. I'm a bit stunned at my Luck.

She must be a Lady.

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