February 21, 2012


I am SO SICK of the argument about whether humans are naturally monogamous or naturally polyamorous when it comes to debating relationship structures. Outside of an anthropological discussion, I see no relevance this has on the relationships between cognitive adults. People that operate based solely on primal urges - consequences be damned! - are known as sociopaths.

I often find that the certification of "naturalness" in one's choice is meant to validate that option and show others that their choices are unnatural and invalid. Frankly speaking, I don't give a flying shit about how natural or unnatural my choices are in relation to the evolution of my species. I don't classify my sexuality and the expression thereof under "mating habits." I do not reference the Hominid Timeline when determining the structure and function of my relationships and how many I should have. Your argument - no matter how cogent and well cited - is wasted on me.

My response to you is, "Big fucking deal."

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